Buddy Goode About Buddy Goode

Australian music has never seen or heard anything quite like Buddy Goode. 

Buddy was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA in sometime during the decadent Swinging Sixties, the cause of his family’s abject poverty. But Buddy always knew he was destined for stardom. 

At the age of 18, Buddy boarded a bus — a Contiki coach tour through Thailand, in fact — and began a remarkable journey of discovery, starting with his first real love. That moment is celebrated in his song “One Night in a Bangkok Bar”, which tells the story of his ill-fated meeting with exotic dancer Ping Pong Ping. 

After a decision to “come Down Under” — triggered by a suggestion from Keith ( Urban ) — Australia is now privileged to be home to Buddy’s rare and unusual talents. Since landing in Australia, Buddy has graced us with 6 outrageous and hilarious albums having signed a less than lucrative deal with ABC/UNIVERSAL music. 

"Known as the authority of politically incorrect"

- some critic from some magazine

"Able to ruin every occasion without any effort"

- Mamma Goode


"Never seen a more graceful dancer"

           - Fred Astaire about some other dancer