Buddy Goode 'It's All Goode'

It's all Goode

“It’s All Goode” is a collection of Buddy’s smash hit singles from the early years. Buddy released his first Australian single “Dutchy In The Morning” in 2007, the song reaching top 10 status on CMC.

The One and Only Buddy Goode

The One and Only

Buddy's 2nd album, "The One and Only Buddy Goode" led to his first ARIA Nomination for Best Comedy Release  in 2011. The album features one of his biggest hit 'Cougarville' along with the classics Dickens Cider, Baby They're Burining and Jimmy Likes Dick. 

Buddy Goode 'Unappropriate'


"Unapropriate" was the album that saw Buddy take out his first win at the 2012 ARIA Awards for Best Comedy release. It   has been hailed by one critic "as politically incorrect as you can get". The album is outrageously funny with songs like 'Back in The Bush', 'Granny's Getting Some' and 'She Blows upon My Flute' fan favourites. 

Bangkok Bar - It's All Goode - Buddy Goode
Cougarville - The One and Only Buddy Goode - Buddy Goode
She Blows Upon Me Flute - Unappropriate - Buddy Goode

It's a Buddy Goode Christmas

It's A Buddy Goode Christmas'

"It's a Buddy Goode Christmas" released in 2013 saw Buddy get written into the history books as the FIRST Christmas album to ever win an ARIA award. Scoring his 2nd prestigious ARIA win. The 13 track album is Christmas feast for fans across the globe.

The #1s & #2s

A New Front Bum - It's A Buddy Goode Christmas - Buddy Goode
The Best of Buddy Goode

Released in Aust 2014, "The #1s and #2s" are a best of collection of songs from Buddy's previous studio albums - "It's all Goode", "The One and Only', "Unapropriate" and "It's a Buddy Goode Christmas". This 20 track album also features  2 new bonus tracks "Bro Country" and "I just let one go".

Dickens Cider - The Best of Buddy Goode

Songs to RUIN Every Occasion

Buddy Goode Songs To Ruin Every Occaision

Growing up, Buddy’s mumma constantly reminded him that his presence at any occasion was enough to ruin it…. now everyone can buy that experience thanks to Buddy's 2015 CD, “Songs to Ruin Every Occasion”. Covering all occasions from a birth, weddings, Fathers day to popular sporting events  like the Melbourne Cup - "The Race that stops an Asian to the NRL Grand Final with  hit - "Up there Hopoate".

Happy Birthday Australia - Songs to Ruin Every Occasion - Buddy Goode
Buddy Goode More Rubbish



With successful themed albums in recent years "More Rubbish" Buddy's brand new album captures the essences that are everyday life and sees Buddy return to a formula that made him the man he is today. With titles such as "Camel Toe", "Midlife Crisis", "Big Man In The Sky" the songs reflect life for the average Joe or Joelene and will surely relate to everyone...maybe.

1.    She Sucks, I Blow

2.    Ink

3.    Camel Toe

4.    Big Man in The Sky

5.    Gay

6.    Heart On

7.    Mid Life Crisis

8.    Like A Bee Gee

9.    Nothing on TV

10.  Mile High Club

11.  Come on, Your Face is Beautiful

12.  I Believe

Gay - 'More Rubbish' - Buddy Goode